Nonprofits are not a “sideline” for us.

They are our primary business!

What will you accomplish with a nonprofit finance expert on your team?


Every organization needs the expertise of a qualified CFO. We provide outsourced CFO services through part time CFOs. Whether you need an interim CFO or a permanent CFO, we can help!

Nearly every day, you’re faced with “financial impact” decisions. Do you have the information you need to make those decisions?

Our CFO partners are credentialed experts who have solved problems for many years at the top levels of their fields.

Do you find it difficult to —

  • grasp your organization’s financial position, cash flow, or where you’ll finish the year?
  • identify the direct & indirect costs of every department?
  • create a budget & forecast and use them as management tools?
  • get “into the black” even after cutting expenses?
If you sometimes answer “yes” to any of these questions, we can help!

You can have confidence in Counterpart CFO. We are fully insured for your protection.


Dan Weiss, CPA (inactive), JD

Founder & Client Service Director, Sarasota

Dan Weiss, founder of Counterpart CFO, is a respected practitioner, speaker, and thought leader focused on financial sustainability.  As a CPA and attorney, he has devoted the past 35+ years helping nonprofits and businesses maximize their success.

Dan’s areas of expertise include —

  • structuring organizations for sustainability
  • optimizing accounting systems to support effective financial reporting and organization-sustaining decision making
  • streamlining processes and improving internal controls
  • assessing and maximizing pricing to improve revenue and cash flow
  • designing and implementing an effective investment management program for improved performance
  • governance best practices
  • training and facilitation

Dan has been an in-demand instructor in both graduate and undergraduate studies. His courses for the University of South Florida Sarasota-Manatee, Muskingum University, and Keller Graduate School of Management have included finance, accounting, business law, business strategy, and business ethics.

Jim Martin, CPA, CEBS, CMA

Partner & Client Service Director, Central Ohio

Over the past 30+ years, Jim Martin has served as Chief
Financial Officer of an $8 billion government public pension fund, a
130,000 member statewide association, and a large Ohio Housing
Authority. He has been responsible for budgets ranging from $25 to $656 million and reported to boards ranging in size from 5 to 54.

Jim has a BSBA from the Ohio State University, with a dual major in
accounting and finance. He also earned his MBA at Ohio State.

Jim’s areas of expertise include public and private pension funds, membership, construction, health care, and employee benefits. He maintains his Certified Public Accountant (CPA), Certified Employee Benefits Specialist (CEBS), and Certified Management Accountant (CMA) designations.

Jim is an advocate for internal controls while always looking for continuous improvement opportunities to maximize efficiencies.

Tonya Adams

Partner, Central Ohio
About Tonya

Over the past 25+ years, Tonya Adams has worked in all aspects of accounting from Controller of a Fortune 500 company to CFO of a $25 million service company.

She excels at achieving both the short-term and long-term needs of her clients, from startups to mid-sized, fast-paced organizations. 

Tonya’s skills include —

  • process development
  • budgeting and forecasting
  • job costing
  • expense control processes
  • managing accounting, HR, and IT departments

She has effectively led the implementation of accounting and operations software in multiple organizations.


I have known Jim going on 20 years and worked closely with him for more than nine years. He has extensive financial knowledge supported by outstanding credentials that are uniquely coupled with a strong sense of emotional intelligence. Jim is very organized and communicates honestly about financial and workforce strengths and weaknesses. He is readily able to evaluate the finances of a business or organization and provide suggestions that will vastly improve the financial health. There is no issue too small or too large that Jim will not address. Whether it is financial issues such as implementing stronger internal controls, training staff in new methods and practices, making better vendor choices, or analyzing and implementing a plan to bring legacy costs under control, Jim has the skills to take on any financial issues and bring about positive change.

Joseph C. Cohagen


Following the retirement of a longtime treasurer at the Kettering Foundation, we needed someone to take up the work while conducting a nationwide search to fill this critical position. Jim Martin came to us highly recommended, and he has become a valued colleague at Kettering. He is someone who has deep knowledge and experience with nonprofit finance and accounting as well as curiosity and genuine interest in the mission of the foundation. Jim has been consistently responsive, kind, and very easy to work with. He exercises a gentle style of leadership through personal example. Even though Jim started working with the foundation as the offices were moving to remote work in March 2020, he was able to direct the financial operations more-or-less seamlessly, including working with the external auditor team during COVID-19. Jim’s understanding of defined contribution plans also led the foundation to name him as the interim chair of a defined benefits committee, in which he has worked with staff and external consultants on ongoing reviews of the plan. Given his finance experience and the relationships that he developed at the foundation, we also asked Jim to participate in the review of candidates for the CFO position and then to work with the new CFO as he was onboarding. We are thankful to Jim for all that he has done at the foundation during this time of leadership change in the finance and accounting group. Like the colleague who recommended Jim to me, I would recommend him to others highly and without any reservations.

John Dedrick

Director of Programs

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