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Nonprofit CFO Services

Your mission is at the heart of everything you do. A dedicated nonprofit CFO on your team will help you achieve financial stability and transparency, allowing you to focus on what matters most — making a difference.

We only work with nonprofits, so we understand the unique challenges of your work.

Add a Nonprofit CFO to Your Team


Nonprofit CFO Services

  • Financial Reporting and Analysis
  • Budgeting and Forecasting
  • Internal Controls and Audit Assistance
  • Grant and Fund Management
  • Payroll and Benefits Administration
  • Strategic Financial Consulting

Your Nonprofit CFO is an Expert in Nonprofit Accounting

Our nonprofit CFO team is comprised of seasoned professionals with deep knowledge of nonprofit financial management. We help you stay up-to-date with the latest regulations and best practices to ensure your organization is compliant and efficient.

Your Nonprofit CFO Will Provide Customized Financial Solutions

We recognize every nonprofit is unique. Our nonprofit CFO services are tailored to meet the specific needs of your organization, whether you’re a small local charity or a large international NGO.

Your Nonprofit CFO Will Generate Transparent Reporting

We provide clear, comprehensive financial reports to give you and your stakeholders a transparent view of your financial health. Our goal is to empower you with the information needed to make informed decisions.

Your Nonprofit CFO Will be Your Partner in Strategic Financial Planning

Your nonprofit CFO will work closely with your leadership team to develop strategic financial plans to support your long-term goals. From budgeting to forecasting, we help you navigate the financial complexities of the nonprofit sector.

Your Nonprofit CFO Will Ensure Efficient Grant Management and Compliance

Managing grants can be challenging. We assist with grant applications, tracking, and compliance, ensuring you meet all funding requirements and maximize your resources.

Your Nonprofit CFO Will Support Your Donor Relationships

Building and maintaining donor trust is crucial. We provide accurate financial data and reports to help you demonstrate accountability and effectiveness to your supporters.

Your Nonprofit CFO Partner

Choosing Counterpart CFO as your nonprofit CFO means partnering with a team as passionate about your mission as you are. We are committed to helping you achieve financial clarity and sustainability, so you can continue to change lives and make a positive impact in your community.


Founder & Client Service Director, Sarasota

Dan Weiss, CPA (inactive), JD, is a respected practitioner, speaker, and thought leader focused on financial sustainability.  As a CPA and attorney, he has devoted the past 35+ years helping nonprofits and businesses maximize their success.

In 2012, Dan founded Counterpart CFO to provide support to the community-based work of nonprofit organizations.  His mission has been not only to sustain nonprofits but to help them thrive in an increasingly complex environment.  Dan’s areas of expertise include driving revenue and designing accounting systems that will support decision making.

As an instructor in both graduate and undergraduate studies, Dan’s courses for the University of South Florida Sarasota-Manatee, Muskingum University, and Keller Graduate School of Management have included finance, accounting, business law, business strategy, and business ethics.

Dan enjoys golf as well as playing guitar and piano.

QuickBooks Certified ProAdvisor

Partner & Client Service Director, Central Ohio

Jim Martin, CPA, CEBS, CMA, MBA, has served as CFO of an $8 billion government public pension fund, a 130,000 member statewide association, and a public Housing Authority. He has been responsible for budgets ranging from $25 to $656 million and reported to boards ranging in size from 5 to 54.

Jim’s areas of expertise include public and private pension funds, membership organizations, community foundations, health care, and employee benefits.  In addition to his focus on internal controls as the foundation for a successful operation, he’s always looking for continuous improvement opportunities to maximize efficiencies.

Jim’s broad and diverse experiences make him a valued and in-demand management team member for each of his clients.

In his spare time, Jim enjoys playing racquetball and working on cars.

QuickBooks Certified ProAdvisor


Mandi Arthur has many years of experience both designing and managing accounting information systems. She also has the business operations experience that promotes a successful link with operational leaders.

Another strength of Mandi’s is her knowledge of technology. This allows her to recommend the labor-saving benefits of technological solutions while balancing the costs of investment and implementation. Software vendors often understate the challenges of integrating a database with an accounting system. Mandi has “been there, done that” in a way that will help ensure your integration success.

Her strong attention to detail coupled with seeking improvements in efficiency will allow your organization to focus more on its mission.

As a Florida native, Mandi enjoys many outdoor activities with her husband and two young children. She is also passionate about music and grateful to live in an area where she can share her passion for the arts alongside her family and friends.


It is my great pleasure to provide a recommendation for James Martin. He worked with our agency for a little over a year providing CFO services. His non-profit experience, knowledge of federal grant requirements, and audit skills made him a great fit to step in during a crisis. He worked closely with our team by guiding audits, teaching GAAP, improving accounting software use, and developing better policies/internal controls. The results were positive monitoring reports from our funders and a great private audit result. Jim helped with developing our Accounting team to the point that we are now ready for our new full-time CFO to take over! We appreciate all that he did and consider him a great friend of the agency.

Area Agency of Aging 3 logo
Jacqi Lucke-Bradley
CEO, Area Agency on Aging 3

I’ve worked with Dan in various capacities for years and have always found him to be the consummate professional. He brings intelligence, experience, and a positive outlook to his engagements. On our most recent project, Dan’s insights and guidance helped us make some critical business decisions in a very short time frame. I have complete confidence in his ability to analyze a complex situation and provide reasonable, actionable recommendations!

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Wendy Deming
Chief Operating Officer, Marie Selby Botanical Gardens


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