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Every organization needs the expertise of a qualified CFO. We provide outsourced CFO services through part time CFOs. Whether you need an interim CFO or a permanent CFO, we can help!

Nearly every day, you’re faced with “financial impact” decisions. Do you have the information you need to make those decisions?

Our CFO partners are credentialed experts who have solved problems for many years at the top levels of their fields.

Do you find it difficult to —

  • grasp your organization’s financial position, cash flow, or where you’ll finish the year?
  • identify the direct & indirect costs of every department?
  • create a budget & forecast and use them as management tools?
  • get “into the black” even after cutting expenses?
If you sometimes answer “yes” to any of these questions, we can help!

You can have confidence in Counterpart CFO. We are fully insured for your protection.





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Jim Martin, CPA, CEBS, CMA

Partner & Client Service Director, Midwest

Over the past 30+ years, Jim Martin has served as Chief
Financial Officer of an $8 billion government public pension fund, a
130,000 member statewide association, and a large Ohio Housing
Authority. He has been responsible for budgets ranging from $25 to $656 million and reported to boards ranging in size from 5 to 54.

Jim has a BSBA from the Ohio State University, with a dual major in
accounting and finance. He also earned his MBA at Ohio State.

Jim’s areas of expertise include public and private pension funds, membership, construction, health care, and employee benefits. He maintains his Certified Public Accountant (CPA), Certified Employee Benefits Specialist (CEBS), and Certified Management Accountant (CMA) designations.

Jim is an advocate for internal controls while always looking for continuous improvement opportunities to maximize efficiencies.

Dan Weiss, CPA, JD

President & Client Service Director, Southeast

Dan Weiss, founder of Counterpart CFO, is a respected practitioner, speaker, and thought leader focused on financial sustainability.  As a CPA and attorney, he has devoted the past 35+ years helping nonprofits and businesses maximize their success.

Dan’s areas of expertise include —

  • structuring organizations for sustainability
  • maximizing pricing
  • optimizing accounting systems to support organization-sustaining decision making
  • streamlining processes while improving internal controls
  • governance best practices
  • training & facilitation

For nearly two decades, Dan has been an in-demand instructor in both graduate and undergraduate studies. His courses for the University of South Florida Sarasota-Manatee, Muskingum University, and Keller Graduate School of Management have included finance, accounting, business law, business strategy, and business ethics.

Chuck Redifer, CPA

Partner & Client Service Director, West

Chuck has been working in accounting and finance for over 20 years. He is a CPA and received his Bachelor of Science degree from The Ohio State University and Masters degree in Accounting and Financial Management from Keller Graduate School of Management.

As a public accountant, Chuck has audited a myriad of businesses and organizations in a variety of industries. He has also worked as a controller and CFO for several businesses.

One of Chuck’s most important accomplishments is his integral role in establishing a commercial lending department for a credit union. He went on to found a commercial loan brokerage firm, which gives him a unique perspective on the expectations of commercial lenders.

Chuck’s varied experiences allow him to assess businesses from many different angles and to provide valuable insights to owners and other stakeholders.


Chuck has been a great source for my small business bookkeeping and accounting needs. I appreciate his flexible scheduling, common-sense solutions, reasonable pricing, and focus on efficiency. Chuck always takes the time to listen and understand my questions and then explain the answers in terms I can understand. He breaks down difficult concepts into digestible pieces and creates Excel worksheets to take the guesswork out of complex journal entries. I feel like I’ve earned an honorary accounting degree during my time working with Chuck!

Tim Dufault

Principal, Medray, LLC

Guaranteeing our trustees and donors have confidence in the accuracy and timeliness of our financial management is critical to the success of Columbus Metropolitan Library Foundation; it impacts our ability to steward our stakeholders and effectively plan for future fundraising efforts. As a small nonprofit connected to a landmark public institution in central Ohio, expectations are high. When Jim joined our team two years ago as CFO he worked with the team to transform the accounting and financial operations, significantly improving the audit process. Having worked with the team to shore up controls and protocols, Jim was an integral leader during a lean review to further improve the efficiency and effectiveness of these systems. Jim’s upbeat personality and ability to work with all levels of staff have not only made this work easier but enjoyable, with many colleagues relying on Jim’s expertise in not only accounting but also leadership and management.

Kelly Stevelt

Director of Development and Affinity, Columbus Metropolitan Library Foundation


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